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  • ‘ve noticed in recent times that several customers have become progressively curious about even more sustainable choices within the customer

    packaged goods industry, and the bathroom tissue category is no exemption. From the responsible sourcing of our trees to our water- andenergy-efficient production procedure, we at Georgia-Pacific have a lengthy background of sustainable service methods. Our Quilted Northern ® brand name also has a background of being a comfy bath tissue. We determined that it was up to us to incorporate sustainability with convenience.

    However what does that look like, specifically? For us, it indicates doing even more than what we’ve been doing. Along with our accountable forestry methods and energy-efficient production procedure, we are likewise going to provide on an additional commitment: To make certain

    that 3 trees are grown for every single one utilized to make our Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong ®

    sub-brand. This promise offers our consumers the convenience of understanding they are still obtaining the item they know as well as like, with the added, concrete influence helpful to restore U.S. woodlands. Want to see this dedication in action? This video clip shows how our promise is assisting to plant trees in the Cibola National Forest, which was ravaged by wildfires in 2016:

    Reforestation work in Cibola National Forest Finding the best partners to aid us supply on this dedication is

    crucial, and who understands even more concerning trees than the Arbor Day Foundation!.?.!? Together, we’re planting greater than two million trees by the end of 2021, with more plantings ahead in future years. The growings differ in place, yet will certainly be reserved particularly for woodland remediation initiatives in the U.S., such as those impacted by wildfires. In the very first two years of the job, the Quilted Northern ® group is growing over 2 million trees by the end of 2021. Over their lifetimes *, these trees are estimated to: Sequester greater than 1,450,000 lots of C02 Filter nearly 120,000 lots of pollutants from the air Obstruct more than 10 billion gallons of rains * Estimated advantages over following 40 years of two million trees calculated making use of https://planting.itreetools.org, accounting

    for varieties grown, place, and
    plant size As the Quilted Northern ® brand name continues to sustain

    planting projects in 2021, this influence will just expand. Check out https://www.quiltednorthern.com/sustainability to read more concerning Quilted Northern ® as well as Georgia-Pacific’s sustainable practices.